Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Speirs

an “officer with a reputation”

In a military career spanning 22 years, Speirs has been lauded as a hero, embroiled in controversy and celebrated in both print and TV. This website looks at the real man behind the reputation.

Lieutenant Colonel RONALD C. SPEIRS


506th Parachute Regiment, Easy Company

Basic Training

Speirs would receive just over two years of training in his new military career before taking part in some of the most significant operations in WWII.

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From Normany to Holland, Belgium and Germany, Speirs saw active duty across Europe, beginning with a heroic performance on D Day.

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The Korean War

Now a Major, and five years of peacetime work back in the US, Speirs is sent to Korea as a Liaison Officer and is set to see more action.

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Spandau Prison

12 years after the end of WWII, Speirs finds himself back in Germany, as US Director of a prison holding some of the most notorious Nazi war criminals.

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Laotian Civil War

A decade on from Korea and Lieutenant Colonel Speirs heads for Laos where his work with the Royal Lao Army won him several accolades.

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Additional Deployments

Although his career saw much action, Speirs also dedicated a lot of time in between to management and training roles across the US. Here is a list of his other work.

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A collection of historic maps, diagrams, reports and lists detailing Ronald Speirs' career.

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Citations, Medals & Decorations

A full list of the medals and decorations Speirs won during his military career, plus text from citations he received.

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